“Love and Hate” Photography Exhibit by Micah MacKenzie

We are thrilled to feature Micah MacKenzie’s stunning photography at THE BLOCK off biltmore. Join us for the opening of his “Love and Hate” exhibit on Friday, August 5th from 6 to 9 pm. Or stop in during August and take some time to enjoy his work. Award-winning photographer Micah Mackenzie’s “Love & Hate” exhibit is a poignant collection reflecting what members of society deal with on a daily basis. These striking photographic images represent the polarizing experiences we have all been dealing with as of late. With “an eyes wide open” approach, Micah helps us “witness our evolutionary direction towards peace” and the clear cut juxtaposition evident in so many hearts today. Read on to learn more about Micah….

Here’s a little bit about Micah from his website:

Micah MacKenzie

Photo of Micah MacKenzie by Rusian Tumash

Micah Mackenzie is a professional photographer from Sumter, SC, although his heart is firmly based in Asheville, NC where he has lived for most of the past 25 years.  

As a child, Micah was intrigued and inspired by his mother’s photography of the natural environment. Later as a self-taught artist, Micah explored composition, color, layering and textures through drawing, painting and wood burning. With photography, he continues to creatively manipulate his chosen medium using a rich, multi-layered approach with a focus on portraiture and people. He is equally comfortable taking photos in the studio or out in the real world. He loves the ability to manipulate and fine-tune a studio environment, at the same time relishing the spontaneity and freshness of an impromptu street or on-location shoot. 

Micah has always felt a strong, intuitive affinity with the visual world and his drive as an artist comes from a desire to explore and communicate with others creatively, sharing with them the unique lights inside his head. He looks beyond the surface of his subjects, seeing inside to what is intrinsically beautiful and empowering – this is what shines out in his photos. 

 ”So, yes,  I am a small town boy with The Biggest City Dreams! My dream show scares me…a lot! I know not what else to do but run right at it. It’s blades whirls and the sharpness of it’s touch is blinding. The fire is hotter than 2 suns exploding at the same time and the smoke makes sure I can not see if the brightness of the blades does not do the job, But I do not need my eyes to see I will succeed. I see better when I don’t use my eyes. So I know where I am going and it’s nice going with the right birds beside me. People that believe in me 🙂 I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my life, If I know you or we have yet to meet. See you soon! ” MM

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