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HB2 panel at TBob Aug 2016

TBob Instagram Photo

December 2017– This Sunday, 12/17, at the BLOCK off Biltmore (39 S Market St.), patrons will come together to celebrate humanity’s closest neighbor on the Tree of Life: bonobos. The event, which runs from 5 – 7 p.m., supports the Bonobo Conservation Initiative and features a multimedia presentation from founder (and Asheville native) Sally Jewell Coxe. Live music from Skinny Beats Drum Crew and African dance from Amai will round out the evening. Your suggested $10 donation, plus proceeds from bar sales, will go to BCI’s programs in the Congo rainforest.

February 2017- Our Female Artist Spotlight monthly event got a lovely mention on February 4th in the Arts Section of Mountain Xpress.

January 2017- “AFD gets donation that will keep fire fighters from mouth to snout resuscitation” WLOS ran a story on one of our recent endeavors, which included raising money and making oxygen masks for animals in emergencies. On January 31, Cam presented these oxygen mask kits to the City of Asheville Fire Department. Seventeen kits were presented, one for every fire truck, each containing a small, medium, and large oxygen mask! Click the link about for more details!


August 2016“HB2 panel in Asheville: Transgender N.C. residents fight ‘Bathroom Bill’ in court,” by Jennifer Saylor for WLOS ABC News 13. Check out WLOS ABC coverage of the HB2 panel at THE BLOCK off biltmore on 27 August 2016. The panel included several special guests, including NC Sentator Terry Van Duyn and Transgender Advocate Candice Cox. Click the link above to read the story on the WLOS website.




WLOS photo of LA Flood benefit

WLOS photo – Aug 23rd Jazz-n-Justice Tuesday at THE BLOCK off biltmore – Special Concert Benefit for Louisiana Flood Victims.

August 2016‘Concert for Louisiana’: Benefit aims to raise funds, awareness for flood victims, by Jerrika Insco for WLOS ABC News 13.

We were very grateful to have WLOS ABC News 13 broadcasting LIVE from THE BLOCK off biltmore on August 23rd for a very special event. Organized by local musician Jason DeCristofaro, the Jazz-n-Justice Tuesday benefit featured several local musicians who came together to raise funds and awareness for flood victims in Louisiana. $800 was raised for the Red Cross Flood Relief Program. Check out the WLOS news story via their website.



Photo by Susannah Kay for LA Times

Jamal Cash leads Jai “Jerry” Williams’ family and community in song at Williams’ birthday party at THE BLOCK off biltmore in Asheville, N.C., on July 12. Williams, who was fatally shot by police 10 days earlier, would have been 36. (Susannah Kay / For The Times)

July 2016 – “What happens when a white officer shoots a black man, but no one releases a video,” by Jaweed Kaleem for the Los Angeles Times. The LA Times visited Asheville, NC to cover the story of Jai “Jerry” Williams who was fatally shot by police on 2 July 2016. THE BLOCK off biltmore hosted events to help raise community awareness and to honor and celebrate Jerry’s life. Learn more via the full story on the LA Times website.







Cam MacQueenSpring 2016“THE BLOCK off biltmore” by Dustin Garret Rhodes for Friends of Animals – Magazine Act-ionline. How exciting to have this fabulous feature in Friends of Animals’ online magazine. If you don’t yet know Cam MacQueen (TBob owner), Dustin’s article offers an overview of Cam’s background, passions, and how they intersect with her current pursuit, THE BLOCK off biltmore.

“MacQueen admits that TBob is an “experiment in entrepreneurial activism,” that’s pushing the proverbial envelope as it attempts to combine the social justice and solidarity aspects with veganism: “By supporting vegans and helping to influence future vegans, we hope to see more students, educators, artists, environmentalists, progressives and others adopt a lifestyle that is more healthful for them, the planet, hungry people, and of course, the trillions of animals (counting animals from the sea) killed every year for our taste buds.”

And, of course, you can simply stop in for a drink, some delicious vegan food or hear some soul-stirring music. Friends of Animals looks forward to hosting an event in the space in the coming year, too.”  READ MORE.


Print show benefit Black MountainMarch 31, 2016“Top 5 things to do this week in Asheville: Prints, patterns, fashion and bands,” via Asheville Citizen-Times by Hayley Benton.

THE BLOCK off biltmore was thrilled to have an event we hosted listed as the #1 thing to do in Asheville on April 1, 2016. The event was a Print Show to benefit the Black Mountain School. We look forward to having more of our events listed in the Citizen-Times’ “Top 5 Things to Do in Asheville” stories! READ MORE.



TBob holiday drinkDecember 19, 2015“THE BLOCK off biltmore to host vegan Christmas potluck.” by Hannah Sentenac for the Mountain Xpress.

“Despite the supposed prevalence of good cheer, Christmas can be rough — particularly for transplants whose friends and family are far away. Since Asheville has a large population of out-of-towners, THE BLOCK off biltmore (aka TBob) is inviting those in need of a little holiday camaraderie to a community Christmas celebration.

The occasion is a plant-based potluck, so attendees are asked to bring a vegan dish to share. More specifically, that means “a plant-based entree, side or dessert to serve four,” says owner Cam MacQueen. “Please, no animal products of any kind, including dairy [or derivatives such as whey or casein], eggs, honey or flesh….”

“At TBob, we’ve met many newcomers to Asheville whose friends and family are elsewhere. In my case, my family is here but they are traveling to be with other family members in different states,” says MacQueen. “Realizing that we have a festive space to share, we made the decision to open the doors for those of us looking for community on Christmas.” READ MORE.

TBob from FBDecember 4, 2015 – “At this New Vegan Restaurant, Your Kale Salad Is Served With Social Justice,” – by Sarah McColl for (This article was also shared on the FoodInc Facebook page.)

“Housed in the historic Young Men’s Institute, THE BLOCK off biltmore is as concerned with community as it is with food.

Where the apothecary once stood in Asheville, North Carolina’s historic Young Men’s Institute, the nation’s oldest African American cultural center, is a new bar serving vegan food, juice, beer, wine, cocktails, and social justice.

“It’s about being a community living room,” explained Cam MacQueen, owner of THE BLOCK off biltmore, which opened Thanksgiving week. “It’s about welcoming everyone to the table. We want to hear all the voices we can hear possibly hear in Asheville from people who are working on issues important to all of us……

….All of which makes it a perfect home for a space that hosts events like Tuesday night Jazz and Justice and Spoken Word Saturdays, MacQueen said. For each event, TBob, as the restaurant is also known, will partner with a nonprofit that will receive a percentage of the bar receipts. While some of the groups partnering on events include old-guard civil rights organizations, the business is equally committed to racial equality, environmental preservation, animal rights, and the arts.”…..READ MORE

THE BLOCK off biltmore gets ready to openNovember 24, 2015 – “First-Ever social Justice-Themed Vegan Bar Opening in Asheville, NC,” by Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief of Latest Vegan News.

…..“The vegan part is very much a social justice issue,” MacQueen explains. “It’s a social justice level on many fronts — for the planet, for the animals, for our health, for starving people, for food scarcity,” explains MacQueen. “Resource depletion of every kind, whether it’s water, or climate change, or the rainforest, is directly impacted by animal-based agriculture, and we know that thanks to the UN report that came out in 2008. Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas emissions than all vehicles combined.”

The overall concept was inspired by Washington DC’s Busboys and Poets — a chain of bars dedicated to racial and cultural connections and social change. It’s not vegan, however, so the focus on a plant-based lifestyle makes TBob completely unique.

With music, art, poetry, vegan food, and a full bar, TBob’s will create a one-of-a-kind composite of social responsibility and socializing. In MacQueen’s words: “We want to have a lot of fun, too.”…..READ MORE

THE BLOCK off biltmore gets ready to openNovember 23, 2015 – “THE BLOCK off biltmore kicks off opening with vegan Thanksgiving feast.” by Hannah Sentenac for Mountain Xpress

“After many months of hard work and waiting, downtown’s THE BLOCK off biltmore (aka TBob) is ready to welcome guests. With the tagline “thirsty for diversity,” the all-vegan bar is inviting Ashevilleans to spend Thanksgiving at its historic locale, all in the spirit of social justice and solidarity.

Located in downtown’s iconic YMI building, the unique new watering hole and venue is hosting a soul food buffet on Thanksgiving Day in support of two causes: Full Circle Farm Sanctuary and Western Carolina Rescue Ministry….”

“We’re encouraging people, even if they have plans for Thanksgiving, to come have an after-dinner drink, just relax and be in a comfortable place and possibly meet new friends,’ says MacQueen…..” read more


THE BLOCK off biltmore logoSeptember 17, 2015 – “Asheville restaurants: what’s newly open, what’s coming.
by Mackensy Lunsford for the Citizen-Times.

“The vegan piece is important to our mission because it’s important for the planet and the people who are hungry in the world,” said MacQueen, a former Howard University School of Divinity student who specialized in Social Justice Ethics. “Of course, it’s also important for the animals, and a big piece of our social justice mission.”

“We’re very excited about opening, and want to encourage people to come to what we’re calling a ‘community living room,’” said MacQueen. “Part of the mission is to preserve the history of the space and celebrate it.”


Photo of Cam MacQueen by Krista L. White

Photo of Cam MacQueen by Krista L. White


June 3, 2015 – “The Block off biltmore: New vegan bar celebrates diversity, history” by Krista L. White for the Mountain Xpress.






Photo of Cam MacQueen by MacKensey Lunsford

Photo of Cam MacQueen by MacKensey Lunsford

May 4, 2015Asheville’s First Vegan Bar Coming to the YMI, by Mackensey Luunsford for the Asheville Citizen-Times.