Contact & Booking

Our address & phone information is located at the bottom of our website. Or use the Contact Form below to reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

Interested in PERFORMING in our space? Or want to host a PARTY or SPECIAL EVENT?

Please use the contact form below and include the words – “Booking Request.” Please include a description of your event or act. Send photos, posters, or other graphics to – Thank You!

****Please note the following policies before sending your request****
1 – We give performing acts 100% of the door charge, plus two complimentary beverages.
2 – We recommend non-local acts pair up with a locally-based band or performer.
3 – We have a capacity of 80.
4 – We recommend a $3-5 door charge.
5 – We have the following items available for your use: two powered Peavey speakers; four microphones; a four channel mixing board; an upright piano; and a screen & projector.
6 – We ask that performers promote their event online and in email newsletters. Printed flyers should be dropped off at our space at least two weeks prior to your event. Performers will also provide us with a photo or flyer, as well as a short summary about your show for our Event Calendar.

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