Why vegan?

Why a vegan bar?

As Asheville’s first vegan bar, we recognize dietary choices are both personal and political, and not all of our friends/patrons are vegan. Our goal, though, is to provide a space where vegans and non-vegans can drink, eat, and be delighted by a variety of tasty options and never even notice the difference.

Additionally, THE BLOCK off biltmore is a “justice” experience that seeks to raise awareness on all issues in our society dealing with exploitation, oppression, suffering, and pain. While acknowledging that some topics will be sticky, we believe it is vital to stay true to the pillars of THE BLOCK off biltmore – equality and social justice, environmental preservation, and animal protection.

Reasons we believe in creating a vegan establishment:

Human rights:

A hungry world is a justice issue. The more meat and animal byproducts (dairy and eggs) we eat, the fewer people we can feed. The World Watch Institute reports, “Meat consumption is an inefficient use of grain – the grain is used more efficiently when consumed by humans. Continued growth in meat output is dependent on feeding grain to animals, creating competition for grain between affluent meat-eaters and the world’s poor.” Studies show if the world became vegan, there would be plenty of food to feel us all.

Health Disparities are a justice issue. Promoting a vegan diet is an important option to help close the health disparity gap by lowering the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity, and preventing – even reversing – heart disease from which African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are more likely to suffer and die from than whites.

Environmental Protection:

Environmental devastation is a justice issue. The U.N. reports that animal based agriculture causes more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined. A plant-based diet can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% – not to mention that it saves water, improves water quality, reduces rainforest destruction & desertification, helps prevent species extinction, and so much more.  For more on the connection between diet and environmental consequences, visit www.cowspiracy.com/facts.

Animal Rights:

The suffering of sentient beings is a justice issue. In this country alone, we kill 10 billion animals a year for our taste buds – a figure that excludes trillions of fish and other marine animals killed each year. Scientists have demonstrated what many of us know to be true – that non-human animals experience the exact same range of emotions as human animals. We can live healthfully by choosing a compassionate, peaceful diet and not causing pain and suffering to fellow beings with whom we share this planet.