Mission & Values

MISSION of THE BLOCK off biltmore

To be a place for people to converge in order to build community and inclusive friendships between diverse movements, where social justice issues are discussed, actions formulated, and deep,
healing magic happens.

Radical magic is created through a compassionate, comfortable, cruelty-free atmosphere, along with music, art, spoken word, film and other conscious, value-driven events. Fun, laughter, friendship, unity, empowerment and action are the ultimate byproducts.

THE BLOCK off biltmore values

CORE VALUES of THE BLOCK off biltmore

Celebrating and Honoring Diversity and Inclusivity
Equality and Social Justice
Environmental Preservation
Animal Protection
Support for Our Local Community & Beyond
Passion for the Planet and All Beings
Relationship-Building and Networking
Collaboration Leading to Change
Consideration of Others
Sharing, Giving Back
Peace, Understanding, Love
Fostering a Progressive Asheville
Radical MAGIC and FUN!!


  • In all interactions, we seek first to understand with caring and compassion for people, the planet, and animals.
  • In all relationships, we interact with support, authenticity, integrity and an awareness of “oneness” to accomplish our intentions.
  • We live in harmony with self/others obtaining deep clarity & inner knowing.
  • Teamwork is the key to creating harmony and success.
  • We view mistakes as opportunities to grow.
  • A safe working environment is a priority for staff and friends.
  • A living wage is also a priority.
  • Staff is trained to put our friend’s comfort first. We gain respect by respecting others. We get heard by listening. We are treated fairly by being fair.
  • We invest in our community by supporting local, sustainable, green, and cruelty-free.
  • We set goals sensibly and within our available resources.
  • Profitability is important to the success of THE BLOCK off biltmore – so we can grow our mission!